Sterling Heights has increased their taxes 3 times in the past 7 years

AND Check this out – they are up for re-election this year!

People should be warehoused and crammed into an over developed community  and

See what Sterling Heights is up to

Taxing the people for nice things to have but unnecessary things such as a Civic Center will bring young people to the community and no one will move out even though our assessments are going up and bonding will cost more because our bond rating has been lowered.

 Getting taxpayers to vote yes on a millage for roads and then giving them 10’ wide sidewalks on Dodge Park so people can walk and ride their bicycles to city hall is a good use of our tax $$$$.

 Receiving ‘LARGE’ donations from businesses that want to bid on contracts with the city and then to keep rebidding the contracts until the highest donor wins is OK!  Put council persons name in and check out who gave them money: 



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