2018 Candidate Endorsements Revealed!

The MCTA is proud to announce our official endorsements for the 2018 election season.

Patrick Colbeck [R] : Governor

Peter J. Lucido [R] : State Senate – 8th District

Joseph Bogdan  [R] : State Senate – 10th District

Jazmine M. Early [R] : State Representative – 25th District

Lisa Valerio-Nowc [R] : State Representative – 31st Dirtrict

Arnold Simkus [D] : County Executive

Talil Abrheim [R] : County Commissioner – District 5

KG Wittbrodt [R] : County Commissioner – District 2

Barbara Zinner [R] : County Commissioner – District 10

Camille Finlay [R] : Treasurer, Armada Township

Gary E. Kopp [R] : Trustee, Washington Township

Candidates Meeting Our Criteria

Scott Czasak [R] : State Representative, 36th District

Karen Potchynok-Lund [R] : State Representative, 36th District

Nycholyn Brandenburg [R] : County Clerk

James Perna [R] : County Clerk

Lisa Sinclair [R] : County Clerk

Julie Williams [R] : County Clerk


Chair, MCTA

2018 MCTA Candidate Questionaire Released

The MCTA is pleased to announce that we have finalized our August 2018 Candidate Questionaire.

Please find a link to the survey here. Candidates are strongly advised to print and return the survey to us by Saturday, 8:00 PM May 26th for endorsement consideration.

It is recommended that candidates return the survey in PDF format via email.

(Click here) to download and print the MCTA Candidate Questionnaire.

Vote No! On The 20 Year Macomb College Massive Tax Increase!

The Macomb County Taxpayers Association (MCTA) Recommends Vote No! On The 20 Year, Macomb College Massive Tax Increase!

1. Technology is making college building teaching obsolete. Harvard and Yale offer free online college courses https://www.edx.org/school/harvardx and https://oyc.yale.edu/ . Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence offer 24 hour a day customized classes as an alternative to expensive, outdated,
under-utilized brick classrooms!
2. The 20 year $38 million a year MCC tax increase is too long. Tax increases should be limited to 8 years so we can adjust to technology, economic and teaching alternatives.
3. The property tax renewal and increase are irresponsibly combined into one ballot question!  Macomb College Politicians are holding taxpayers hostage by combining a renewal and a tax increase in one sentence! Reject this $38 million tax increase and force MCC Politicians to come
back with a separate renewal and separate tax increase proposals.
4. The current MCC tax doesn’t expire until 2020! Macomb Community College is wasting taxpayer
dollars by spending an estimated $600.000, per County Clerk’s Office, to hold a special county-wide election on May 8 rather than putting the tax increase proposal on the November 2018 ballot when the most people vote. Don’t reward sneaky, bad politician behavior.
5. Macomb College doesn’t need a tax increase. MCC has been taking an inflation rate increase each year plus additional tax revenue from new homes and businesses every year. Seven recent Headlee tax rate rollbacks for MCC demonstrates how rapidly Macomb County’s existing and new homes and businesses are increasing the tax base. Macomb County’s new $250,000 to $1 million homes, new businesses and new business equipment generate millions in new taxes

Remember the Current MCC Tax Doesn’t Expire Until 2020 (Two years from now) Vote No! On the 20 year $38 million a year tax increase and force liberal Macomb Community College politicians to live within their ever increasing budget!

Philis DeSaele
Chair, Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association
586-254-1284 philis@desaele.us

Read the printable PDF Press Release [here]

Tax Freedom Day 2018 is Thursday, April 19, 2018

Tax Freedom Day 2018 is Thursday, April 19, 2018

From the Chair of the Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association, Philis DeSaele (586-254-1284, philis@desaele.us) citing the Tax Foundation.

“Tax Freedom Day is a significant date for taxpayers and lawmakers because it represents how long Americans as a whole have to work in order to pay the nation’s tax burden,” said Philis DeSaele, Chair of the Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association (MCTA).

Key findings of the Tax Foundation:

1. Tax Freedom Day falls on April 19, 109 days into 2018
2. Tax Freedom Day will be three days earlier than it was in 2017, due in large part to the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which significantly lowered Federal individual and corporate income taxes law passed by Republicans without a single Democrat vote and signed by Republican Donald J. Trump on Decem-ber 22, 2017.
3. In 2018, Americans will pay $3.4 trillion in federal taxes and $1.8 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total bill of $5.2 trillion, or 30 percent of the nation’s income.
4. Americans will spend more on Federal, State and Local taxes in 2018 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined!
5. If you include annual federal borrowing, which represents future taxes owed, Tax Freedom Day would occur 17 days later, on May 6th.
This year, Americans again will work the longest to pay federal, state, and local individual income taxes (44 days). Payroll taxes will take 26 days to pay, followed by sales and excise taxes (15 days), corporate income taxes (seven days), and property taxes (11 days). The remaining six days are spent paying estate and inheritance taxes, customs duties, and other taxes.

“Taxation is legalized theft,” said MCTA Chair DeSaele, “Working 109 days to pay for our government operations is too much. That’s why the Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association will research and survey candidates for the 2018 election cycle to protect hardworking American paychecks.”
The Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association is a Non-Partisan Organization focusing on lowering taxes and reducing government waste.

The Senate passed the final version on December 20 in a 51–48 vote and that final version was passed by the House of Representatives on that same day. The bill was signed into law by President Donald Trump on December 22, 2017.
Educational Information. Read the printable PDF document here.


Why is Tax Day on April 17 in 2018?

Press Release

Why is Tax Day Tuesday, April 17, 2018, when it is usually April 15?

From the Chair of the Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association, Philis DeSaele (586-254-1284, philis@desaele.us) citing Joseph Thorndike, Contributor to Forbes.com (https://bit.ly/2qDGaOC)

Taxpaying is a civic ritual. The annual ceremony — gathering records, completing returns, rushing to the post office — has been diluted in recent years, especially by the rise of electronic filing. But April 15 remains a national anti-holiday of sorts. It may not be fun, but it’s a burden of American
Tax day has a tendency to shift slightly from year to year, depending on weekends and the proximity of Emancipation Day, a legal holiday in the District of Columbia. This year returns are due April 17.

But why is April 15 the target for individual filing? Why not a different day, or even a different month?

As it happens, April hasn’t always been tax time in America. Originally, Congress established March 1 as the deadline for filing individual returns. According to the conventional explanation, the decision was driven by the timing of the 16th Amendment. “When the 16th Amendment, which allows Congress to institute the income tax, was adopted on Feb. 3, 1913, Congress chose March 1 — one year and a few dozen days later — as the deadline for filing returns,” explained a 2002 article in Fortune magazine.

Congress soon rethought the timing. In the Revenue Act of 1918, lawmakers gave taxpayers an extra couple of weeks, setting March 15 as the new deadline. Not until 1955 did taxpayers face a new deadline. The Internal Revenue Code of 1954 established April 15 as the tax day we all know and loathe.

“Taxation is legalized theft,” said MCTA Chair DeSaele, “That’s why the Macomb County Tax-payers’ Association will research and survey candidates for the 2018 election cycle to protect hardworking American paychecks and homes.”

The Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association is a Non-Partisan Organization focusing on lowering taxes and reducing government waste.

An Informational letter

Read the printable PDF Press Release [here]


Sterling Heights has increased their taxes 3 times in the past 7 years

AND Check this out – they are up for re-election this year!

People should be warehoused and crammed into an over developed communityhttp://bit.ly/1sv0cKp  and  http://bit.ly/1KfeoOO

See what Sterling Heights is up to  http://bit.ly/1Vu2g0C

Taxing the people for nice things to have but unnecessary things such as a Civic Center will bring young people to the community and no one will move out even though our assessments are going up and bonding will cost more because our bond rating has been lowered.  


 Getting taxpayers to vote yes on a millage for roads and then giving them 10’ wide sidewalks on Dodge Park so people can walk and ride their bicycles to city hall is a good use of our tax $$$$.   http://bit.ly/23W30M6

 Receiving ‘LARGE’ donations from businesses that want to bid on contracts with the city and then to keep rebidding the contracts until the highest donor wins is OK!  Put council persons name in and check out who gave them money:   http://bit.ly/1EUrChm 



Who Pays the Most Taxes in America?

Read a great article from the Daily Signal answering the question of “Who pay the most taxes in America”.

“Politicians exploit public ignorance. Few areas of public ignorance provide as many opportunities for political demagoguery as taxation.

Today some politicians argue that the rich must pay their fair share and label the proposed changes in tax law as tax cuts for the rich.

Let’s look at who pays what, with an eye toward attempting to answer this question: Are the rich paying their fair share?”

Read more at the Daily Signal…

2017 Candidate Endorsements revealed!

MCTA 2017 Election Endorsements

Endorsed Candidates:

Sterling Heights:

Mayor: Jeff Norgrove—Highest Endorsement


Jazmine Early– Highest Endorsement Sanaa Elias—Endorsed Eric Castiglia-Endorsed

St. Clair Shores

City Council: Erin Stahl– Endorsed All other incumbents and candidates running for office in these cities as well as across the county did not return their questionnaires.


Welcome to the new Macomb County Taxpayers Association (MCTA) web site. The purpose of the MCTA is outlined below.

1. To provide an opportunity for all citizens of Macomb County to
participate in tax-fighting and elections of fiscally conservative people to
public office.

2. To make available to the residents of Macomb County any information
at the disposal of MCTA that may affect the fiscal future of Macomb
County, local communities, schools, state and federal and their pocket

3. To promote and work for the best possible government for the people
of Macomb County.

4 To perform any and all other duties allowed by law to benefit the welfare
of the taxpayers and other residents of Macomb County and to conduct
political affairs and business of the Macomb County Taxpayers

5. To establish a system to groom candidates to fill offices in Macomb