Vote No! On The 20 Year Macomb College Massive Tax Increase!

The Macomb County Taxpayers Association (MCTA) Recommends Vote No! On The 20 Year, Macomb College Massive Tax Increase!

1. Technology is making college building teaching obsolete. Harvard and Yale offer free online college courses and . Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence offer 24 hour a day customized classes as an alternative to expensive, outdated,
under-utilized brick classrooms!
2. The 20 year $38 million a year MCC tax increase is too long. Tax increases should be limited to 8 years so we can adjust to technology, economic and teaching alternatives.
3. The property tax renewal and increase are irresponsibly combined into one ballot question!  Macomb College Politicians are holding taxpayers hostage by combining a renewal and a tax increase in one sentence! Reject this $38 million tax increase and force MCC Politicians to come
back with a separate renewal and separate tax increase proposals.
4. The current MCC tax doesn’t expire until 2020! Macomb Community College is wasting taxpayer
dollars by spending an estimated $600.000, per County Clerk’s Office, to hold a special county-wide election on May 8 rather than putting the tax increase proposal on the November 2018 ballot when the most people vote. Don’t reward sneaky, bad politician behavior.
5. Macomb College doesn’t need a tax increase. MCC has been taking an inflation rate increase each year plus additional tax revenue from new homes and businesses every year. Seven recent Headlee tax rate rollbacks for MCC demonstrates how rapidly Macomb County’s existing and new homes and businesses are increasing the tax base. Macomb County’s new $250,000 to $1 million homes, new businesses and new business equipment generate millions in new taxes

Remember the Current MCC Tax Doesn’t Expire Until 2020 (Two years from now) Vote No! On the 20 year $38 million a year tax increase and force liberal Macomb Community College politicians to live within their ever increasing budget!

Philis DeSaele
Chair, Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association

Read the printable PDF Press Release [here]