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Welcome!  The Macomb County Taxpayers Association (MCTA) is one of the oldest taxpayer organizations in Michigan.  We monitor and report on tax-related matters and other financial issues in Macomb County.  Members prepare articles, special reports, and written analyses to help local residents understand the background and development of the issues that affect our quality of life.

We educate the public by hosting public forums featuring political candidates, community leaders and elected officials in Macomb County.  The MCTA has earned the reputation of being fair and balanced. MCTA is instrumental in influencing government through oversight and reporting on key issues.  We invite you to join us as we partner with local government officials through a non-partisan approach to solving problems.

Candidates are screened through a questionnaire and occasionally an interview with the goal of finding candidates who are taxpayer-friendly, fiscally responsible and dedicated to the principles of limited government and lower taxes.

Philis DeSaele, Chair, Macomb County Taxpayers’ Association, 42430 Utica Road, Sterling Heights, 48314-3562, 586-254-1284 philis@desaele.us

Macomb County Taxpayers Association Membership form

Macomb County Taxpayers Association is dedicated to reducing government spending, fees and taxes so you, your family and business can enjoy more of your hard-earned money.  MCTA encourages people to join our organization.  Please click on the link to our (membership form).




Philis DeSaele, Chair

Macomb County Taxpayers Association (MCTA)

42430 Utica Rd.

Sterling Heights, MI 48314


PHILIS@desaele.us (Yes, only one “L” in Philis)