Welcome to the new Macomb County Taxpayers Association (MCTA) web site. The purpose of the MCTA is outlined below.

1. To provide an opportunity for all citizens of Macomb County to
participate in tax-fighting and elections of fiscally conservative people to
public office.

2. To make available to the residents of Macomb County any information
at the disposal of MCTA that may affect the fiscal future of Macomb
County, local communities, schools, state and federal and their pocket

3. To promote and work for the best possible government for the people
of Macomb County.

4 To perform any and all other duties allowed by law to benefit the welfare
of the taxpayers and other residents of Macomb County and to conduct
political affairs and business of the Macomb County Taxpayers

5. To establish a system to groom candidates to fill offices in Macomb